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Derrick Flora

I’m Derrick Flora and I am the owner of Printangles.com. I am the father of 2 angles and 1 boy and I am 37 years old. I had done Bachelor in Fashion and Textile Studies from FIT State University of New York.

After completing of studies, I started my own printing business which was to compose, print, and photocopy but this was not the objective because I studied design so I decided to play with colors and turned my business towards sublimation and color printings. T-Shirt and mug printing was the kick start point.

It’s been 7 years since when started the sublimation business, I was only aware that the sublimation gets done through all the requirements needed for this process. Over time, I have gone through so many experiments and have sublimated multiple and different materials. There will always be a little bit of changing of types of equipment while sublimating different kinds of materials.

I sublimated mugs, t-shirts, canvas, and many more. And we have analyzed some things that beginners don’t apply the actual strategies to complete the project. And those strategies are making your sublimation better onto the material. What do beginners do, they just buy the sublimation printer and the heat press without knowing about them.

Why I am saying this? Because of keeping the right strategies aside. Let’s talk about the things that are always required to wind up the project. A sublimation printer is the most essential part of sublimation and the newbies just purchase the printer without knowing that is it applicable for sublimation. Yes, not every printer can be good for sublimation. And you will get the proper detail of which printer is best for sublimation on Printangles.com.

Purpose of Making this Website

The main reason to develop and write on this website is to help newbies because I see so many beginners struggle in their printing careers. After all, this is a legit business. On Printangles, you will get step by step guide to different types of printing, some legit product reviews after being tested for years and this is the most crucial part which will help them to save good money. A list of materials will be shared with each type of printing which could save beginners cost and time.