Best Sublimation Paper for Epson 2720

Best Sublimation Paper for Epson 2720

Keeping your customers happy and meeting their needs is essential for operating a successful dye sublimation business. This is done by giving them prints of the finest quality, which are produced using the best sublimation paper with a combination of an inkjet printer, ideally an Epson variant. Here you’ll discover the Best Sublimation Paper for Epson 2720.

The Epson printer range is well-known as one of the best sublimation printers for newbies, but which is the best suited Epson sublimation paper? Keep reading if you’re searching for the best sublimation paper for the Epson printer (including 2270, 7710, 2800, 2803, or 15000) that provides you with the greatest results, such as brighter colors and darker tones.

Owing to the fineness of a sublimation paper, the image appears sharp and clear. The endurance of the material and also the drying rate are important factors in the effective ink spread. The resulting outcome sublimated upon that material is influenced by the color intensity. All of these elements combined demonstrate how crucial paper quality is for successful sublimation printing.

Choosing the best paper for sublimation can be challenging given the recent increase in the number of brands marketing the product and claiming authenticity. I have therefore put together this review of various dye sublimation papers to assist you with your decision. I evaluated these sublimation papers, which comprised A-Sub, Coosky, and Hayes sublimation papers, using several Epson Ecotank printers.

So let’s look at our top three choices for best sublimation papers for Epson printers!

3 Best Sublimation Papers for Epson 2720

A-SUB sublimation paper for epson
A-SUB – best sublimation paper for epson 2720
  • Above 98% transfer rate
  • Prevents crack and fading
  • Exceptionally crisp prints
COOSKY for epson 7710
COOSKY – best sublimation paper for epson 7710
  • Better ink saving
  • Fast drying
  • Vibrant color with a smooth finish
Hayes Paper
Hayes Paper – best sublimation paper for epson et 15000
  • Aimed at commercial and craft application
  • Microporous technology integrated
  • Microporous technology integrated

1. A-SUB – Best Sublimation Paper for Epson 2720

A-SUB - best sublimation paper for Epson 2720

Beginning the list with my favorite, A-Sub sublimation paper. Particularly suited for sublimation printing, this professionally crafted dye sublimation paper helped me prevent any overlaying of ink or any image damage caused by a heat press. All owing to the paper’s nearly flawless coating along both sides.

Among the finest types of sublimation paper for the Epson 2720 sublimation printer, and widely regarded as the industry’s benchmark, is the premium A-SUB sublimation paper. The A-SUB sublimation paper is one of the thickest sublimation papers here within the industry and came in a variety of widths from 120 GSM to 130 GSM.

During my projects, I noted that the A-SUB holds the sublimation ink well and produces high-fidelity and high-quality pattern transfers. A-SUB is fairly adaptable in terms of size, hence it offered me a variety of three distinct sizes that go up to 13″ x 19″. Huge graphics and logos were printed with ease thanks to the large size.

Each of the 110 sheets in the paper pack included a written mark indicating what side was the printing face and which end was the rear, preventing a lot of hassle. The 80 Lumen brightness ratings are justified by just how brilliant the colors seem to be. The paper is rather clean, smooth, and produces crisp prints that translate into clear images on the finished product.

A-SUB is indeed the Best sublimation paper for Epson 2720. It offers a high drying rate and therefore can endure a significant amount of force without breaking owing to its extremely high transfer rate of nearly 98% per minute. By maintaining the image extremely clear and sharp, it also provided the prints with a wrinkle-free appearance. Such qualities also improve durability.

The glossy coating of the A-SUB sublimation paper and its use of a technique that helps absorb 90% of ink made it perfect for pairing with high-end products. From the finest porcelain, tiles, and mobile covers, to metal plates, every material could be sublimated. Polyester and materials with not as much 30% cotton may also be sublimated through it.

The fact that the sheet package includes an instruction leaflet outlining all the ideal circumstances to obtain the finest outcomes on the paper is a feature I really appreciate. To acquire a general idea of the ideal circumstances for the sheet, the page includes information such as the temperature, time, etc.

I was able to print on both bigger items like T-shirts and hoodies as well as minor items like headbands, beanies, and mobile covers, thanks to the A-SUB sublimation paper’s range of sizes. Moreover, the 8.5″ X 11″ dimension is ideal to work on the Epson 2720 printer.

Additionally, A-SUB flawlessly retains ink, so the applications will be of top standard. Even though the sublimation paper was a bit pricey, I undoubtedly recovered the investment thanks to all of its benefits and usefulness. Overall, the A-SUB sublimation paper was my first choice if I ever wanted to produce outstanding sublimation products.

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  • High-quality, non-sticking paper
  • Dries quickly & Thicker Paper
  • Doesn’t crease easily
  • Absorbs ink well
  • Chance of possible errors (Sensitive to temperature and pressure)

2. COOSKY – Best Sublimation Paper for Epson 7710

COOSKY - Best sublimation paper for Epson 7710

To create the best imagined and meaningful prints, I opted for the 8.5×11 inches Coosky sublimation paper. Consisting of 100 high quality sheets, Coosky is the amazing sublimation paper for Epson 7710 having a transfer rate of over 98% with greater ink saving. The sublimation paper is instant dry, causing no fracturing, and no fade yet only vibrant color with smooth texture.

Since the paper was widely applicable, I was able to obtain a trackpad, cup, tumbler, mobile cover, purse, cushion, pottery plate, cotton apparel, and many other items in light-colored, high-quality top-notch polyester containing 30% cotton composition. I could create something personalized and ideal for DIY for a special presentation by simply transferring the picture I preferred.

On the condition of printing with just sublimation ink, Coosky is compliant with inkjet printers like the EPSON ET-7710. I could immediately identify the printing surfaces wherever I wanted to because the backside of the sublimation paper is marked with clear labeling.

There are 4 easy steps to finish the artwork. Initially, I selected the images and imprint them upon that sublimation paper’s white surface. Next, I configured the temperatures and timing for the heat press. Then I had to place the piece of paper facing down on the object I wished to transfer. Finally, just after the pressing phase is completed, I removed the sheet.

I usually got the print ready within just ten minutes! For the greatest outcomes, I printed with sublimation ink around an inkjet printer. Only light-colored polyester fabric and polyester-coated substrates, and hard objects could be coated well. A heat press machine was also essential to be used.

To prevent spillages, it was advised to wrap the transfer with a Teflon layer and reduce temperature fluctuations.

  • Gives more options for printing
  • Great print quality with vibrant colors
  • Easy to use
  • Some printers do not recognize the size

3. Hayes Paper – Best Sublimation Paper for Epson ET-15000

Hayes Paper - Best sublimation paper for Epson et 15000

Entrepreneurs, Etsy hustlers, and manufacturers who produce large quantities should use Hayes transfer Paper. I can certainly vouch for being a small business owner that the paper creates high-quality, enduring transfers into polyester fabrics and porcelain.

Hayes paper is the best sublimation paper for Epson ET 15000, once pressed with a heat press, it yields vivid, permanent results. Unlike screen printing or vinyl, where the ink lays on the surface, sublimation ink penetrates further into cloth or porcelain.

By allowing the inkjet ink transfers to completely dry in no time, it helped me prevent spreading and blurring, produce clean pictures, use less sublimation ink, and save a lot of time. A high transfer rate and microporous technology create quality transfers in vivid color results.

Having such a sublimation paper by my side, there were no blurrier images, dissatisfied customers, and wasteful material. Since there are guidelines attached, it becomes much more simple to use. Moreover, it proved to be ideal for all of my unique initiatives.

Hayes Paper Company is well-known for producing high-quality paper, and this is no different. With Hayes paper, I could produce vivid, quality transfers, of course by using a heat press alongside as it’s clearly not for use with iron. For large-scale projects or DIY crafts, I could rely on the durability of this 105 GSM paper. It gave me outstanding outcomes with the simplicity of use.

Such a sublimation heat transfer paper should be applied to materials including porcelain, timber, and stainless steel as well as clothes having over 70% polyester. Hayes Paper helped me create amazing, enduring transfers into textiles and pottery. It was ideal for designing my personal distinctive graphics on t-shirts or pottery cups because it came in three sizes: tabloid, letter, and B size.

While unleashing my creativity, this water slide paper proved to be perfect for any project, personal or commercial. Hayes’ waterslide decal paper is the top choice on the market due to its high ink capacity and ability to produce premium prints with a resolution of up to 5760 PDI. Also, if you are looking for high quality yet cheapest sublimation papers, Hayes is your go to option.

Hayes causes no fading and yet excellent color presentation. To achieve the highest print quality with up to 5760 dpi, the A4 decal papers ran smoothly through Epson et 15000.

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  • Print quality after pressing is amazing
  • The colors come out bright
  • Great transfer results
  • Comes with suggested temp settings
  • Edges curl up


For people seeking dependability and quality, there are a lot of best sublimation papers for Epson Eco tank widely available. Every model of the finest sublimation paper for Epson adheres to the same fundamental idea. However, they cater to a range of users. When choosing the sublimation paper, it is quite uncommon for one material to be suitable for all applications.

The best Epson sublimation papers have been reviewed above. A-SUB is the greatest sublimation paper on the list, and it’s perfect for anyone looking for thick sheets that can produce high quality products. If you want an option with great print quality yet room for experiments, the Coosky sublimation paper will be your go. However, if you want a brighter, easy-to-use choice, opt for Hayes sublimation paper!

You ought to be able to identify which sublimation paper is suitable for you by this point. One may be superior to the other depending on the needs. It all depends on the tasks you need to complete and the results you would like to achieve.

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