Types of Sublimation Paper

Types of Sublimation Paper

The sublimation industry has been growing day by day and attaining attention by providing high-quality design transfers onto the material. There are plenty of factors involved in transferring your printed design much better onto your desired material. And sublimation paper is one of them that is actually used to retain and absorbs the sublimation ink.

It works in a way, you place the sublimation paper onto the desired surface where you want to sublimate. Then you heat it through the heat press by pressing at a recommended temperature and the time. Once it gets heated properly, sublimation paper transfers that sublimation ink onto your material.

There are multiple factors you need to consider when going through the sublimation process including the types of sublimation paper. And same here, there are some factors you must know before choosing the sublimation paper. And the important factors are ink capacity and limits, ink pattern, print speed, and roll to sheet. Don’t go for selecting any sublimation paper before understanding these necessary points.

Especially when you are a beginner or trying to get into the sublimation industry. Because choosing the wrong sublimation paper can lead you to low quality transferred design. By following and understanding all the guides, you’ll be able to choose the right sublimation paper for your project.

Sublimation Paper Types

  1. FU-A sublimation paper
  2. FU-B sublimation paper
  3. FU-C sublimation paper
  4. FU-L and FU-Q sublimation paper
  5. FU-MS and FU-KH sublimation paper
  6. FU-W and FU-Z sublimation paper
  7. Large format sublimation paper
  8. Reggiani sublimation paper
  9. FTB sublimation paper

These are the types of sublimation transfer papers and we will discuss each type of sublimation paper in detail. If you are gonna start your sublimation paper business or sublimation printing business, you will be able to select the paper for your specific project after reading the entire guide.

1. FU-A Sublimation Paper:

FU-A Sublimation Paper

FU-A sublimation paper is used to transfer the designs onto the fabric, banners, mugs, flags, bags, clothes, ceramics, ribbons, etc. But there is a different kind of papers that FU-A involves and there are different working abilities for different materials as well. It involves the fast dry sublimation paper which is ideal for transferring the images onto the polyester or coating ceramics, metal, fibers, etc. And the 100gsm 44″ sublimation paper is ideal for light-colored chemical fiber, T-shirts, mugs, plates, and mouse pads and is workable for all the inkjet printers.

It also involves the 100gsm sublimation transfer paper with water-based sublimation inks to transfer on stretchable fabric to have the unbelievable quality results you are looking for. It can remove the chances of ghosting while transferring process because of movements in transferring. It also involves the 70 gsm transfer paper which is best for 100% polyester coated material. And also involves the 120gsm to have better results on the specific polyester spandex or nylon fabrics.

2. FU-B Sublimation Paper:

FU-B Sublimation Paper

This specific roll-size sublimation paper involves the 75gsm transfer paper and works with aqua-based sublimation sub-inks. And it is best for industrial printers that have a high speed of printing their designs. It has also a 90gsm sublimation paper which is actually as same as 100gsm in quality. But it only gives the leverage to customers of not spending more money and saves the ink loads.

There is 120 gsm that works with dye ink and is suitable for all inkjet printers and 50gsm also works best for all inkjet printers and for transferring the design onto ceramics, metal, glass, and textiles.

3. FU-C Sublimation Paper:

FU-C Sublimation Paper

It involves the FU 44″ 90gsm sublimation transfer paper for transferring the designs onto the uniforms or the sportswear. Because these materials generate higher results while transferring through FU-C sublimation paper. The FU 64″ 80gsm has been found the best for polyester textile printing with the sublimation ink. And suitable for the Epson and Roland printers to have better results.

If you are looking for industrial printing usage, 88gsm transfer paper is the best option for you right now. It’s best for promotion items and works with aqua-based sublimation dye ink on polyester-coated materials. And when you go for sublimating the banners and flags, I would suggest having 85gsm transfer paper for getting accurate results.

4. FU-L and FU-Q Sublimation Paper

FU-L and FU-Q Sublimation Paper

This specific paper has also an eco-friendly adhesive sublimation paper that works with sportswear. And eliminates the chances of ghosting while transferring your design through this paper. You get amazing color results after the process is finished.

And has given the adhesive sublimation transfer paper works best for cycling clothes printing. Because these specific roll papers have produced better results on these materials and these machines.

A3/A4 transfer paper has got the quality of transferring the design onto the light and dark colored shirts. Are you fading up of using the wrong sublimation paper for your projects? Don’t worry. There is 95gsm sublimation paper which is anti-ghosting paper and works well for the large format textile printer. And there is transient quality sublimation paper that has produced amazing results with advertising banner printing.

5. FU-MS and FU-KH Sublimation Paper

FU-MS and FU-KH Sublimation Paper

It has 100gsm, 105gsm high, 105 gsm full, and the105 gsm sublimation papers and respectively work best for team jersey printing, spandex textiles, uniform and sportswear products, and functional textiles. It has also non curl 120 to 140 gsm sublimation paper that works best with all inkjet printers. And used for fashion apparel printing and there will be no fading or ghosting or any kind of cracks.

FU-KH sublimation paper involves 3 layers of coating paper to provide you the high-quality results. Also, 100gsm digital sublimation paper for the polyester fabric and works well for all the inkjet printers with a higher transfer rate ratio.

6. FU-W and FU-Z Sublimation Paper:

FU-W and FU-Z Sublimation Paper

FU-W sublimation also includes the papers which produce the best results with the high-speed printer. And for sports and functional textiles, they include FW 58 gsm respectively and industrial ultra-light 45 gsm sublimation transfer papers. Also, give us the light coating sublimation paper for textile [printing as well as high-speed machines.

And FU-Z is the one that provides you 100gsm high speed, 100gsm instant dye heat, and 100gsm super fast dry sublimation papers that work respectively better for apparel printing, digital transfer printing, and the bleach slippers. It also gives the A3 size sublimation paper for polyester-coated shirts and the ceramic mugs as well.

7. Large Format Sublimation Paper:

Large Format Sublimation Paper

50 gsm is the light coating and higher speed sublimation paper that gives the best results for large format printing. It absorbs the ink fastly and works best with sports and functional textiles products. Also, accepts all the home internal products and the advertising accessories.

It provides customized size transfer papers for those who are going to work at a large level with high-speed printers. And there are some anti-curl sublimation papers for MS-JP5 and for high-speed printing machines.

8. Reggiani Sublimation Paper:

Reggiani Sublimation Paper

Reggiani sublimation papers provide you with all those papers with the dimensions of 66gsm 64″, 66gsm 63″, 66gsm 36″, and 66gsm 24″. That works with Reggiani printer, textile printing, and digital textiles.

Dye sublimation ink works best and produces a higher transfer ratio having no cracks or any kind of ghosting after transferring process. 66gsm 63″ are not suitable for transferring onto dark garments and ceramics. 66gsm 36″ can be used for transferring on 100% light-colored cotton.

9. FTB Sublimation Paper:

FTB Sublimation Paper

FTB sublimation paper is used for coating and polyester material and less than 40% of the cotton to produce the best results. It involves the 90 gsm 64″ which works for large format garments. Heat transfer ink suits it the best with Epson, Roland, and Mutoh printers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply, 120g is the thicker paper, and 125 is the thicker paper than the 120 g. And heavier weights papers always produce the colored sublimation projects.

125g is the thicker sublimation paper than 120g, 110g, and 105 g. You can say that 105 g is the thinner and 125g is the thickest.

125 g. The thicker paper always gives the best results than the thinner paper because it holds and transfers the ink very well.

Copy paper or any regular paper isn’t work as efficiently as the sublimation paper with the sublimation ink. So, the quality difference will be there.

No, you can’t use the brown butcher paper. It must be white and unwaxed as well to generate bet5ter results.

You can use the sublimation paper instead of using the regular paper. Because the regular paper, only absorbs the sublimation ink and doesn’t retain or transfer the design onto the material as the sublimation paper.


All the types of sublimation papers have been described successfully with deep detail. Whether you start the business or going to sublimate for your materials, our guide will help you out in choosing the right sublimation paper for your upcoming projects.

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