How to Make Sublimation Brighter

How to Make Sublimation Brighter

Are you fond of sublimation printing? And also worried how to make sublimation brighter? Then worry not, as you are at the right place.

Making your sublimation brighter depends on many factors, you can’t get the brighter results until you have the right sublimation accessories, follow all the guidelines, and apply them correctly. You can make your sublimation brighter by increasing the time and temperature to get promising results. But more temperature and time can burn your design and material, so changes should be made carefully.

You can get a dazzling result by making some readjustments to the brightness of the image. Most of all, the polyester coating material is the factor that should be preferred to get a brighter and more vivid design. The experience can earn you the expected results or by following the right procedure of sublimating any craft.

We have analyzed that every element has importance when it comes to making the sublimation brighter. Such as the sublimation printer must have piezo printing technology and shouldn’t be dull or old. The sublimation ink and paper have the quality to have vibrant colors and transfer the design accurately. All the mentioned and more factors that make the sublimation brighter, gonna discuss in detail. You just need to follow the guide to clear your misconceptions and queries.

How to Make Sublimation Brighter: A Detailed Guide

You can’t generate the expected designs onto the craft only by having high-quality and sublimation-oriented equipment. As you need to apply the right dimension for the design to suit the craft. And you have to apply the right temperature and time, you can ask the manufacturer of the material.

Also, the pressure is as important as the temperature, time, or any other element. Because pressing the craft with less pressure can lead you to a faded design or uncleared image. But applying more pressure can burn your material the same as in the case of increasing the temperature and time.

Let’s talk about all the possible factors of how to make sublimation prints brighter or how to make sublimation colors brighter.

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1. Understanding of Temperature and Time

Temperature and time mean a lot when you ask for vibrant and brighter results. Because you transfer the design and sublimate your craft through a heat press, turn it on at the right temperature and keep that craft pressing for the recommended time. And you transfer the design at 385 F with a time of 60 seconds.

Temperature settings vary with the material because every craft may have different temperatures for sublimation. So, make sure to apply the right temperature and time to get the awaited result and to avoid the burning of your craft in case of a higher temperature than the suggested.

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2. Choosing the Right Sublimation Printer

Choosing the Right Sublimation printer

The printer is again a strong factor that assists in making the sublimation vivid. And you can’t get a brighter result until you choose the right sublimation printer. Don’t use the dull ones that doesn’t have a place for replacing cartridges and those printers that use defective cartridges. And avoid using the old machines as well because the printer that doesn’t get used a couple of times in a month stimulus the blockage and dry ink particles.

Also, every printer offers a different color set and the printer manager manages the colors. But some beginners try to manage the colors by themselves and get the faded color after selecting the wrong color. Sublimation printers by Epson works best in this case.

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3. Pressing the Craft (Pressure)

Pressing the Craft (Pressure)

Pressure is another factor that plays an important and handy role in making your sublimation brighter. Just use some common sense when you press the craft at high pressure, the design onto the material gets changed into an orange look. And pressing with low pressure can take you to the disclosure of the image or design. So, you’ll decide after analyzing the craft. By the way, medium pressure is suitable for the crafts to get sublimated at the mentioned temperature.

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4. Sublimation Ink

Sublimation Ink

You can be someone who will be shocked after printing your design through the sublimation printer as a starter. But don’t worry, because the ink and the colors don’t come bright onto the sublimation paper and it’s common. And when the heat applies at the suggested pressure, you get bright and jazzy colors.

But if you are not getting the results after the sublimation process, needs to change the sublimation ink. You have to get the sublimation ink that has incredible compatibility and provides psychedelic colors. Buy the ink that doesn’t lose color and cannot be scratched as well.

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5. Sublimation Paper

First of all, keep the quality of the sublimation paper aside. Because beginners do mistakes by not choosing the right side of the paper and getting unclear or low brightness images. You always need to choose the coated side of the paper because that side allows you for printing.

Most papers have indication signs to identify the side of the paper for printing. Now come onto the quality, must choose the high-quality sublimation paper to retain and transfer the result better. And avoid using copy or regular paper to avoid the waste of time and paper. There are multiple types of sublimation papers for different types of sublimation so select accordingly.

6. Setting of Sublimation Printer for Vibrant Colors

Simply select the high print quality, use the real quality ink cartridges, and then click on the printer clean and head alignment. Now press on change the paper and weight and change it finally. After selecting all the options carefully, select the print as an image.

Make sure that you are going to have the print in a jpg file, not a pdf file. The design setting is also very important when it comes to getting the best print. Make sure to print the photo in a light background at 300dpi to protect it from blurriness.

7. Selecting the Heat Press Settings

This can be a threat for the starters to getting the yellowish sublimation results in selecting the incorrect heat press setting during the ironing stage. And overheating the sublimation blank can turn the design into a brownish design. And the flawed ink cartridges can give the pink sublimation results. So everything should meet the standard level to get a high sublimation outcome. Here is the detailed chart for your convenience.

Heat Press Setting Chart

Polyester270° F
Stretch Material335°F
Full Color350°F
Reflective Fabrics305°F
Metallic Finish320°F
Multi-Purpose Material350°F
High-Quality Digital Prints305°F
Glow in the Dark Fabrics350°F
Stubborn Fabrics330°F
Photo Transfer on Light Fabrics385°F
Photo Transfer on Dark Fabrics356°F
Source: Avancevinyl

Why Sublimation Colors are DULL

The sublimation process has the color triangle of B-V-R that are not present in the solid phase and the light changes into heat. And the colors are muffled as well because of tint purity. I would prefer to do experiments with different color combinations and make adjustments to brightness if you wanna take the sublimation business as a career and wanna pursue it. All the mentioned factors guide you on how to get bright colors with sublimation.

Proper Washing and Care for Sublimation Brightness

To maintain the brightness of your sublimation prints, it’s important to follow proper washing and care practices. Implement the following tips:

Gentle washing with mild detergents

When washing sublimated items, use mild detergents specifically formulated for delicate fabrics. Harsh detergents can cause the ink to fade or deteriorate over time. Gently hand wash or use a delicate cycle on your washing machine.

Avoiding harsh chemicals and bleach

Steer clear of harsh chemicals and bleach when cleaning sublimated items. These substances can damage the ink and cause fading or discoloration. Opt for gentle cleaning agents that are safe for sublimated prints.

Air drying or using low heat settings

After washing, avoid high heat settings that can damage the sublimation ink. Instead, air dry the items or use low heat settings on your dryer. Excessive heat can cause the colors to fade or become less vibrant.

By following these washing and care instructions, you can help preserve the brightness and quality of your sublimation prints.

Maintaining and Preserving Sublimation Brightness

To ensure the longevity and brightness of your sublimation prints, it’s essential to practice proper maintenance and preservation techniques. Follow these tips:

Proper storage to minimize exposure to light and humidity

Store sublimated items in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or excessive humidity. Light and moisture can cause fading or color distortion over time. Consider using archival-quality boxes or protective covers to shield the prints.

Regular inspections for signs of fading or damage

Periodically inspect your sublimation prints for any signs of fading, color changes, or damage. Catching and addressing issues early can prevent further deterioration. Pay special attention to areas prone to rubbing or friction, such as seams or corners.

Retouching or replacing damaged areas

If you notice any fading or damage on your sublimation prints, consider retouching or replacing the affected areas. Retouching can be done using compatible sublimation inks and a steady hand. Alternatively, if the damage is extensive, replacing the item may be the best option to maintain optimal quality.

Always use high-quality materials and sublimation inks to achieve the best results. Proper temperature and pressure settings during the sublimation process play an important role in producing vibrant and long-lasting prints. Practice makes perfect, so experiment with different techniques and materials to find what works best for you.

Achieving brighter sublimation prints requires attention to several factors. By using high-quality materials, implementing proper printing techniques, and enhancing colors through various methods, you can obtain vibrant and quality prints. However, it’s important to remember that regular maintenance and inspections play a crucial role in preserving the brightness over time. Make sure your equipment is set correctly, make necessary adjustments, and double-check all settings to ensure the desired results. Additionally, considering lower temperatures and taking preventive measures against common sublimation problems can further enhance the brightness and longevity of your prints. With diligence and care, you can achieve stunning, long-lasting sublimation prints that truly stand out.


You can make your sublimation brighter by increasing the time and temperature if you are not getting the expected results with the applied temperature. Pressure can also be the reason for having brighter sublimation

You can make the sublimation colors more vibrant with a higher and appropriate heat press setting because the dye will be sublimated properly. But be careful and conscious when setting your heat press at higher.

The reason for not having the bright sublimation is low temperature, time, ineligible printer, low-quality paper and ink, and not following the guidelines of the sublimation process. Pressing with less pressure can also be the reason for faded sublimation.

You usually get the sublimation print faded but when gets heated through a heat press at the best temperature and the time. After passing through the step of heat-press, your craft gets sublimated with brighter and more vibrant colors to give stunning look.


How to make sublimation brighter? Well, creating a brighter sublimation isn’t a difficult task and not an easy job as well. But it becomes easy when you have the right qualitative accessories for sublimation. Also, you follow the right process such as the right temperature, time, and pressing with the right pressure. As far as the temperature, time, and pressure are concerned, you can ask the manufacturer of the material.

And choose the printer that has piezo printing technology. Use the high-quality sublimation paper and the ink for transferring better consequences. Now you just need to follow all the guides to have all the elements and their right use that make the sublimation brighter and ensure vibrant colors.

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