Best Sublimation Paper 2023

Best Sublimation Paper

Sublimation printing is among the most common and quickly expanding activities and pastimes you may undertake from home. The foundation for this sort of printing involves sublimation printing paper. Choosing the best sublimation paper is essential if you wish to ensure that your sublimation transfers are the finest, most realistic ones possible.

There are numerous sublimation papers to pick from, and determining the best sublimation paper might take days or weeks. Consequently, this evaluation and comparison of the sublimation papers will assist in your decision regarding the foundations of the best sublimation paper.

Whether you’re simply beginning your sublimation printing experience or an experienced sublimator wishing to change your sublimation transfer paper, we will assist you to determine the best sublimation paper. In this classified section, we’ll compare the top five sublimation paper brands available and let you know which ideally suits your needs.

A-SUB – Best Sublimation Paper
  • Exceptional quality
  • Fast dry
  • Over 98% Transfer rate
  • Perfect for DIY your Holiday gift
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Koala Sublimation Paper
  • Over 98% heat transfer rate
  • Premium Quality
  • Wide Application
  • Koala thick sub paper
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Printers Jack – Best Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper
  • Premium Quality
  • Highly compatible
  • Over 98% transfer rate
  • Easy to use
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Beaver TexPrint DT Heavy – Best Sublimation Paper
  • Tailored for Sawgrass printers
  • Instant dry
  • Hard and Soft Substrates
  • Specially designed
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Koala 105 gsm Sublimation Paper
  • Thin sub paper
  • Instant dry
  • High transfer rate
  • High Ink Compatibility
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Top 5 Best Dye Sublimation Papers

  • A-SUB It is exceptional concerning quality, accessibility, and sublimation transfers.
  • KoalaTop sublimation paper for t-shirts is compatible with regular inkjet printers and was designed solely for Epson sublimation printers.
  • Printers Jack For outstanding prints at a reasonable cost.
  • Beaver TexPrint DT Heavy The sublimation paper recommended by professionals for creating vivid colors.
  • Koala 105 gsm Fast transmission rate, rapid drying, and suitable with most soft substrates.

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Sublimation Paper Buying Guide

Some critical factors should be taken into account when choosing a good sublimation paper because they can all affect the quality of the sublimation print. The following factors should be taken into account when purchasing high quality sublimation paper:

Printer and Ink

On a few varieties of office or home inkjet printers as well as on sublimation printers, sublimation printing is feasible. Typically, some forms of sublimation paperwork are more effective with gel-based ink printers than they do use water-based printers.

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Different sizes are available for different sublimation papers. There are two primary components to consider: overall size of the printer as well as the size of the sublimation design. Your project runs the risk of getting crumpled if it didn’t match in the printer, and each fold will negatively affect the transfer.

Such sort of paper is available in standard sizes such as legal, letter, and international A4, so it works really well-copying designs onto clothing such as T-shirts and sweatshirts, posters, and any other item that can stay flat inside a printer.

The sublimation paper in particular sizes, such as 4 x 9-inch mug sheets, is easier. It is also not expensive sublimation paper but more cost-effective for printing upon surfaces and forms like mugs and platters. You should be aware that not each sublimation paper brands offer those specific sizes.

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From basic text to detailed images, there have been numerous types of designs and visuals that may be printed. The sophistication and colors of the design may have an impact on the paper’s effectiveness. While plain words or illustrations wouldn’t typically meet the same needs as heavily saturated pictures, they do require stronger paper.

Even though some sublimation papers may bleed adjacent colors, particularly if the colors are intense, they may work well with patterns with a lot of white space. Select the material that is appropriate for a such pattern you are creating. Black is the first color to burn and also the final color to sublimate. Employ black input patterns to improve pressing and sublimation skills.

There are additional aspects of sublimation paper to take into account, like:

  • Transfer rate: The transfer rate, which gauges how quickly the dye moves out from the paper towards the soft substrates, becomes a metric you’ll usually have when buying sublimation paper. The transmission rate on high-quality sublimation paper is at a minimum of 95%.
  • Drying time: Sublimation paper must be completely dry before transferring the inked graphic toward the substrate. You can finish tasks faster also with better outcomes if the paper has a shorter drying time. Nowadays, “quick-drying” papers are being promoted a lot.
  • Weight: Sublimation sheets are available in a range of grams per square meter (gsm). Deep, rich colors print better on wider, thicker because it has a higher paper weight. Lightweight paper is slimmer and more affordable. With this kind of paper, a decent range is often 105 to 130 grams per square meter.
  • Coating: Resin and clay are the two types of coatings that are utilized on sublimation paper. Papers with a clay coating typically cost less and perform exceptionally well when transferring sublimation ink to surfaces like porcelain and ceramic. Resin-coated paper can mottle and smear print on rough surfaces due to its adhesive property, which makes it ideal for transmitting colors into fabrics.

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Best Sublimation Papers 2023

1. A SUB – Best Sublimation Paper

A-SUB - Best Sublimation Paper

A-Sub is a reasonably priced sublimation paper that worked perfectly well with my sublimation inks, inkjet printer, heat transfer vinyl, and custom designs. Among all the sublimation papers that I own, A-sub is a premium sublimation paper, that is functional with all. Each sheet is typically 8.5″ x 11″, available in both sheets and rolls.

For the production of A Sub papers, an innovative coating process is used that guarantees great printability and color brilliance. It was an actually true claim. Hence, the most favored sublimation product for me of all time is the A SUB sublimation paper. Moreover, it offers material in a range of weights. 

Upon use, the transmission rate for this paper was found to be above 98%, which is among its outstanding features. It guarantees that every aspect of the graphics would be accurately transferred, which allowed me to appreciate the durable graphics for many years to come. Furthermore, it retains ink well and enables high-quality, fidelity transfers.

Due to its high accuracy consistency, A-sub is one of the top sublimation papers for tumblers that doesn’t twist or curve while being printed. Additionally, A-sub was specially made to be used on tough substrates so I could easily perform sublimation on metal, glass, and ceramic tiles. Therefore, it proved to be the ideal option for every sublimation job.

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  • Affordable and economical paper
  • Suitable for use with a home iron
  • Utilizing sublimation ink with inkjet printers is possible
  • Cannot be used to print on dark shirts
  • Not compatible with inkjet ink or water-based inks

2. Koala – Best Sublimation Paper for Tumblers

Koala - Best Sublimation Paper for Tumblers

Koala, ranking second place on the list, is indeed a great choice for any dye-sublimation requirements. Being amongst the thicker papers, Koala Sublimation Paper came with an additional ink and didn’t twist throughout the transmission.

Its rapid drying time as well as ink-saving capabilities amazed me as a user. Additionally, the materials used to create this best sublimation transfer paper were strong enough to survive multiple pieces of washing, high heat, and exposure to sunlight without crumbling, wrinkling, or fading.

Canvas handbags, porcelain cups, pencil cases, jigsaws, pieces of metal, and accessories are just a few examples of the different surfaces I could easily decorate with the best sublimation paper for tumblers. Only objects coated with polyester and materials with light colors could be used for it though.

  • Ink saving performance
  • Can hold more ink
  • Won’t curl during the sublimation process
  • Fast drying time
  • Not those crisp images with some printers

3. Printers Jack – Best Sublimation Paper for Mugs

Printers Jack - Best Sublimation Paper for Mugs

Printing vivid images on items like cups, wallets, phone covers, and clothing became stress-free by using Printers Jack sublimation paper. Along with magnificent colors, printers jack’s paper offered a 98% transfer rate, ensuring a dependable and simple operation.

As the back side of the paper has a different hue, so it is simpler to identify the front and back of this sublimation paper. I could enjoy the advantages of sublimation paper while not having to pay a dime because it is reasonably priced.

What’s noticeable is that sublimation paper from Printers Jack isn’t as thick as some of the other products on the list, as per experts. Nevertheless, it could easily deliver the designs. Additionally, since it doesn’t exist in a diverse range of sizes, it was never a crucial option for very small or even very large tasks.

Printers Jack got me covered when I was finding the right sublimation paper for mugs. Hence, this paper proved to be absolutely reliable when it came to sublimation on ceramic mugs.

  • It is compatible with all inkjet printers
  • simple and fast to operate
  • Excellent color reproduction
  • Any object may be moved
  • Not accessible in many sizes
  • Barely thick & No adaptability

4. Beaver TexPrint DT Heavy – Best Dye Sublimation Paper

Beaver TexPrint DT Heavy - Best Dye Sublimation Paper

For all kinds of projects, TexPrint was my go-to choice for a premium sublimation paper. The best paper for sublimation is TexPrint, which is similar to the A-Sub recommendation mentioned above and came in a pack of 110 sheets of size 8.5 x 11.

It’s incredibly adaptable and versatile, therefore I didn’t have to restrict myself to only one kind of sublimation craft. I took some time to pivot away from the t-shirt domain and gave it a try at phone covers or jigsaw instead!

TexPrint paper has been treated with a unique coating that reacts to sublimation inks. With just a small bit of work, I could create extremely vivid, colorful, and inventive prints when I mixed it along with iron on heat transfer sublimation paper.

There is no way to go wrong with this sublimation paper. Everything I could possibly need is there. Performance is extraordinarily well. It features a special sublimation coating that shields it from degradation and I could make use of sublimation ink effectively. It is a thicker paper that arrives in a pack of 110 pages when I order it.

Texprint Dye offers a rapid drying time, high print load consistency, and a fast transmission rate effectiveness. Additionally, it is entirely recyclable. I never had to purchase many dye-sublimation papers because of their versatility.

  • It is fairly dense
  • Peels effortlessly and virtually no trace is left behind
  • Thermal tape is provided
  • Higher temperature and a longer press time are needed

5. Koala 105 gsm – Best Paper for Sublimation Printing

Koala 105 gsm - Best Paper for Sublimation Printing

Koala sublimation paper is one of the best sublimation printer papers for T-Shirts designs. I could save time and money because of the astonishingly vivid colors and magnificently rapid drying times it provided me with. Using this paper, I could achieve seamless and brilliant sublimation colors.

The best sublimation printer paper for T-shirts is Koala, which is made exclusively for Epson printers but also works on my inkjet printers. Three seconds is the ideal drying duration that it provided me. With a 92% transfer rate, Koala 105 gsm best paper for sublimation printing proved to be a good deal.

According to experts, textile materials work best for it, tried and tested. The Koala sublimation paper offers two widths, between 120 and 130 GSM, and is perfect for avoiding wrinkles and creases in any sublimation transfer.

When I produced T-shirts and phone cases, I wanted all my customers to receive a quality T-shirt that looks pleasant or a cellphone cover that shows promise. With this top sublimation paper, I could be confident the design would be free of flaws and fading.

  • Flexible – could be applied to textiles, plastics, and metals
  • High transfer rate with fast drying time
  • Only possible to use with a heat press
  • The colors remain for all time
  • Only possible to use with a heat press
  • Avoid using the iron to sublimate this paper

Sublimation Paper FAQs

The market currently offers two different types of paper: tacky transfer papers and non-tacky transfer sheets. For common textiles, one can use conventional coating transfer paper. For more elastic textiles, such as those used in sportswear, utilize sticky transfer paper.

Texprint-R appears to be the best sublimation printer paper, with Epson coming in second for a variety of reasons, according to our testing of the five sublimation papers: Koala, A-Sub, Printers Jack, and Texprint-R.

The material has three different thicknesses: 105 g, 120 g, and 125 g, with 125 g being the thickest. The simplest rationale is that lighter sublimations have less weight. The saturation of the colors increases with a paperweight.

The sublimation paper’s quality is quite crucial. The durability and strength of the paper are correlated with quality. Making the appropriate paper selection is the best course of action. The best results can really be obtained by having it soak the ink.

Look for a sublimation paper with a weight of 90 to 120 GSM. Problems occur with reduced weight. The printing process won’t go efficiently. Reduced weight paper will be significantly influenced by humidity, which is one explanation for this.

The thinnest paper weighs 105g. When creating seamless designs, like a full-color sublimation mat or even a sublimated tumbler, thin sublimation paper retains a little less ink, which is excellent. The thinner paper is indeed preferable for some printers because it won’t pick up extra ink or wheel lines.

The thickest sublimation paper weighs 125 g. If you want full color, vibrant designs, just choose a higher weight of paper because it will hold the ink longer and saturate the surface. The majority of the sublimation ink will go from the paper to the substrate due to its fast transfer rate.

For use with dyed ink as well as all inkjet printers, 120g is appropriate. It usually works for any inkjet printer and for printing the design onto pottery, metals, glassware, and textiles, and produces better results on certain nylon or polyester spandex fabrics.


Texprint-R appears to be the top sublimation printer paper, according to our testing of the top five sublimation papers, which are A-Sub, Koala, Texprint-R, and Printers Jack. The name of Texprint-R has changed to Texprint DT Heavy. The paper remains the same, even though the maker changed the name.

A-sub, Koala, and Printers Jack performed reasonably well, however, there were a few glitches. Overall, they are certainly not terrible, as well as some sublimators like them. Simply what could be done is to conduct more testing to determine whether these problems resolve themselves.

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