Can You Use Premium Vinyl on Shirts?

Can You Use Premium Vinyl on Shirts

Vinyl printing has become quite popular in the printing world. Commonly it is used for marketing purposes by large-scale printing businesses but recently it has become quite popular among hobbyists as well. Its shimmery, glossy, and clean finish makes it an appealing option for both removable and permanent prints.

Vinyl is a versatile material. It has been customized by manufacturers to meet today’s printing needs. You can get your hands on both adhesive and heat transfer vinyl. Furthermore, you can opt for either removable or permanent vinyl as well depending on your printing requirements. In short, its versatility makes it possible for everyone, including businesses and hobbyists to meet their printing needs.

But today, in this article, we are only going to be discussing premium vinyl printing, its uses, ways to use it, can you use premium vinyl on shirts and alternative printing techniques. So, let us go ahead and jump right onto the details.

What is Premium Vinyl?

What is Premium Vinyl

Premium vinyl, also known as adhesive vinyl, is a thin and highly flexible adhesive material that is used for printing purposes. Unlike other major printing methods, premium vinyl is pressure sensitive and not heat sensitive. This means that you do not need any kind of heat transfer for vinyl printing.

Many also call premium vinyl sticker vinyl due to its adhesive nature and usage. The reason is that it works much like a sticker, as it comes with a paper backing that covers the adhesive side of the vinyl. Simply, print the images or text on the vinyl sheet, peel, and stick.

A distinctive feature of premium vinyl is its matte and glossy finish. Its versatility makes it highly attractive as you can get it in various patterns, finishes, and textures. Due to its advanced usage, it comes in various cutting machine sizes and rolls, making it highly flexible to use.  

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Types of Premium Vinyl

Premium vinyl is preferred by many due to its adhesive nature and easy application. Currently, premium vinyl comes in two different adhesive strengths: permanent and removable. Permanent vinyl, as the name suggests is long-lasting whereas removable vinyl is temporary. Let us discuss them in detail.

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Permanent Premium Vinyl

Permanent Premium Vinyl

Permanent vinyl, also known as outdoor vinyl, is used for projects which are to be exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as exposure to water and heat. Due to its permanent nature, it is long-lasting and preferred for items that are to be decorated permanently.

You can use permanent premium vinyl for substrates such as wood, ceramics, steel, metal, plastic, glass, and more. This is one of the biggest advantages of using premium vinyl, that it can be used for printing images on all types of irregular, solid materials.

Remember, although the name suggests permanent adhesive nature, it is still removable by force. But since the adhesive is strong, as is made to last longer, hence it might damage the surface of the substrate. Thus, expect damages when removing permanent premium vinyl.

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Removable Premium Vinyl

Removable Premium Vinyl

On the other hand, removable premium vinyl, as the name suggests is temporary. It is perfect for one-time usage, seasonal usage, and temporary prints. But unlike permanent vinyl, it can be used for porous surfaces as its adhesive nature wouldn’t allow it to stick to such surfaces.

So, when using removable vinyl, opt for solid and smooth surfaces. You can use it for fabrics, but it wouldn’t last longer than a day or a few hours, depending on the print and the texture of the fabric. It works wonders for materials such as;

  • Mirrors
  • Ceramic Pots
  • Glass
  • Home appliances
  • Wood
  • Walls

Although it can be used for fabrics, it is not advised as it is easily peelable. Plus, it can not withstand heat or exposure to water at all and will be ruined when in direct contact. Hence is not the best option for printing on fabric. So if you are wondering, can premium vinyl be used on shirts, then the answer is no! This type of premium vinyl is a great alternative for low-impact substrates such as ornaments, decoration pieces, and even fabrics.

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Alternative For Premium Vinyl For Fabrics

For fabrics, premium vinyl isn’t the best option. But there are some other great printing options that you can opt for printing on fabrics. Let us explore some of them in detail.

1. Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl

For a matte or glossy vinyl finish, you can opt for heat transfer vinyl. It works much similar to premium vinyl. The only difference is that it doesn’t come with a paper-backed adhesive side and requires heat for printing. Print the image, place it upside down on the fabric and use any type of heat transfer to transfer the print.

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2. Sublimation

Sublimation printing

This is one of the most commonly used printing techniques by hobbyists when it comes to t-shirt printing. In sublimation, prints are printed on the sublimation paper using a specialized printer and sublimation dyes. These prints are designed to last for years to come even when exposed to multiple washing cycles and everyday wear.

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3. Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer

The heat transfer method is another printing technique used on the large scale. It is similar to sublimation in terms of the process. The only difference is that in the case of heat transfer, the print doesn’t become a part of the fabric. Instead, it is added to the fabric like an additional layer.

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Yes, you can use removable premium vinyl on shirts. Just remember, as the name suggests, it is removable, so it won’t last longer than a day or until the next washing cycle. Using removable premium vinyl comes in handy when you need a temporary print on your shirts for a one-day occasion.

Yes, you can use premium vinyl shimmer on shirts. But only for temporary purposes. When washed, the vinyl shimmer will come off the shirt. So, you can use it for day-to-day occasions, and enjoy customized prints and designs for only one-time purposes. If you are looking for a permanent print, then you should opt for heat transfer vinyl.

No, you do not need an iron or any kind of heat transferring machine for vinyl transfers. Direct exposure to heat will damage the vinyl. Instead of heat, you need pressure. For shirts, weed the print on the vinyl, place it upside down, remove the backing paper and paste it onto the shirt. Apply some pressure and you are good to go.

No, you can not use heat for permanent vinyl. Remember that the permanent vinyl works like a sticker. It is pressure-sensitive, not heat-sensitive. If heat is applied, it would ruin the vinyl and its adhesiveness. So, for premium permanent vinyl, you do not need heat. Simply, peel the backing paper from your print and paste it onto the substrate. Apply a bit of pressure to ensure that vinyl properly sticks to the substrate and you are done.

This depends on, how long do you want it to stick? If you want it to stick for just a day, then yes premium vinyl can stick to the fabric like a sticker. But if you are planning on having a permanent print on your fabric then heat transfer vinyl should be your go-to option.

Yes, premium vinyl can be used on clothing as a sticker, not a printing technique. Premium vinyl is also known as adhesive vinyl. As the name suggests, it doesn’t print onto the fabric, instead gets stuck to it. So, you can think of it as a giant sticker pasted on your fabric. You can use it, but it is not a permanent solution.

No, premium vinyl is not permanent for shirts. Its sticking mechanics permits it from sticking to the fabric. As it is a pressure-sensitive adhesive, it only lasts on shirts until the adhesive used on the paper last. Unlike other printing methods, it only lasts for a few hours or a day. So you can use it for a one-time customized shirt and peel it off once done but for a permanent print, you should opt for heat transfer vinyl.

Using premium vinyl on fabric is like pasting a large sticker on your clothing item. As soon as you wash it, it will be gone. It comes with a sticky side and a regular side. Simply print on the vinyl, weed your letters or images, peel off the paper backing and paste it onto your fabric. For a one-time go, it works wonders. But then again, remember it won’t last.


Vinyl printing is a great alternative for sublimation and heat transfer as it works great when it is used for banners, billboards, and other marketing tactics. But, if you are planning on using premium vinyl for t-shirt printing, then you should be mindful of the fact that the print won’t last long. Exposure to heat and water will ruin the print much faster as compared to sublimation and heat transfer prints. In short, it works wonders for other materials, but not fabric!

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