How to Make a Sublimation Mug Wrap 2023

How to Make a Sublimation Mug Wrap

Customized wrap mugs is the best way of garnishing your room or house. Also, it would be the best idea to gift those mugs to your dear ones on the completion of their menage. It has a different charm when you present those products that are prepared by yourself. You can make a sublimation mug wrap by utilizing some of the materials to take it to the last step.

You’ll need to have the designing software, sublimation printer, and mug press. Make sure you have the quality and suitable software to make your process successful. As we’ve learned from our experience that individuals or beginners select the equipment by just reading the name of the accessories. Stick with the guide to know the suitable material and the best method of how to make a sublimation mug wrap.

How to Make a Sublimation Mug Wrap

There are very easy steps to get done this process. If you want to make a sublimation mug wrap, follow the process and fulfill your requirements.

Step #1 – Creating design for sublimation

Creating design for sublimation

The first-ever step has always been in sublimating any material is creating the design for your sublimation projects. When it comes to choosing the right sublimation designing software, you can’t look anywhere than Photoshop. But it completely depends on how much budget you have whether need free software or paid. If you need free, go for Canva software because of its brilliant user interface and a lot of handy features.

The 10 or 11 oz demands a size with a tallness of 3″ and a width of 9″. If you have different sizes of mugs, select the dimensions accordingly and create the graphics from the software. Importantly, the mugs you are gonna sublimate should be coated. Because sublimation printing doesn’t accept only non-polyester material.

There are a few tapper mugs that stop the sublimation paper to get transferred onto those tapered mugs. So getting the beautiful material isn’t enough rather evaluate the material that can be sublimated or not.

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Step #2 – Printing the design

Printing the design

Printing the design is very essential as this step gets done by the best sublimation printer for mugs. The sublimation printer involves two more pieces of equipment such as the sublimation ink and the sublimation paper. The design in the form of text and colors printed on the paper is called the ink and the printed paper is called sublimation paper. But the question is on which basis you select the sublimation printer. Just look at the printing technology if the printer is offering you piezo printing technology, then consider that one because it’s suitable.

And the other two pieces of equipment should also meet the standard of sublimation because transferring the design via sublimation paper isn’t a cup of tea. So select every material wisely and accordingly. Once you have selected the printer, make sure that you are familiar with the printer settings, suitable transfer paper size, and can print the graphics.

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Step #3 –  Preparing mug wrap

We’ve used a silicon rubber baking sheet to wrap around the mug. The thread would be needed to sew both ends of the sheet. Because you’ll need the bolts and nuts to fix that with the mug. And you will have to purchase the two hooks to connect one end with the other end while wrapping the sheet around the mug. But before wrapping the sheet, make sure to place the transfer paper onto the mug.

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Step #4 – Adjusting the printed design

Adjusting the printed design

Once you’ve printed the design, cut the designed paper according to the size of the mug via scissors. You’ll do this step in case of having a larger transfer paper than your material. But cutting should be sensible as the wrong cutting will waste your printed paper and time as well. When trimming gets done, wrap that paper around the mug. Use heat-resistant tape to fix the sublimation paper to avoid ghosting.

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Step #5 – The setting of the mug press

The setting of the mug press

First of all turn on your mug press at the temperature of 400 F and set the timer for 5 minutes to get vibrant colors. Medium to high pressure would be a better decision to adopt. But our recommendation is to ask the manufacturer to get the exact temperature or the time for doing this process. Because the person who has made the material would know better than anyone else.

Step #6 – Transferring the design via Mug press

Transferring the design via Mug press

Before transferring the design, the mug should be ready for sublimation as the sheet has been wrapped properly. Now place the prepared mug into the mug press and press with medium and high pressure. Leave it until the time gets up and the design is sublimated. You can use the convection oven and the heat press for the mug. Utilize the available material and sublimate your mug.

Step #7 – Removing paper and tape

Removing paper and tape

When you see the time has been completed, wear gloves to take off the mug or wait for some time because it’ll be hot to touch. You can turn on the fan or anything else to cool off the mug within 2 to 3 minutes. Once the material is cool off, first of all, remove the heat-resistant tape. Then take off the sublimation paper to see the transferred design. Now your design is ready to present as a gift or decorate your room.


Making sublimation mug wrap isn’t a difficult task until you don’t go with the right procedure by using suitable materials for the process. We’ve elaborated on how to make a sublimation mug wrap in a couple of steps with so ease. And you can do the same by applying all the techniques that we have described throughout the guide in terms of choosing the material or doing the process.

I hope our guide won’t be left any queries related to this article but if there is any query, leave a comment. We would love to reply to your queries.

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