Sublimation Project Ideas 2023

Sublimation Project Ideas

Sublimation is a contented word for the Crafters because sublimation printing has increased the value of crafts by giving them a unique look. But it can be ghastly, especially for a beginner because of the fear of losing your material and the likelihood of damaging equipment. Also, sublimation allows you to transfer intricate designs without facing any difficulty. Importantly, you always get long-lasting results, and don’t fade away after washing.

We are gonna discuss some fruitful Sublimation Project Ideas in complete detail. Whether you have experienced it before or not, you’ll be able to transfer the design onto the craft after following our sublimation hacks and tips in no time. Realizing the value of a sublimation business can lead you to a successful entrepreneur if you invent some unique designs for your commerce. Because the designs matter a lot when it comes to transferring the printed designs.

Top 7 Sublimation Project Ideas 2023

  1. Sublimation Sequin Pillows
  2. Ceramic Mugs
  3. Coasters
  4. Glitter HTV
  5. Socks
  6. Keychains and Photo Ornaments
  7. Silly Face Mask

Sublimation printer pledges the dexterous quality results. And that’s what the customers ought to have the design onto their desired materials. If you are the one, who wishes to up the craft business? A sublimation printer is the one that should be in your lighthouse. Let us take you to how we generate better results by following our techniques for every different material.

1. Sublimation Sequin Pillows

Sublimation Sequin Pillows

A reversible sequin pillow makes it easy to get the design than anything. Here you will need four main pieces of equipment to start this process.

  • Reversible sequin pillow cover
  • Sublimation printer
  • Sublimation paper
  • Heat press

Step #1 – Creating design and setting the sublimation printer

The first-ever thing you must have before going through the process is the Design. And the design should be according to the sublimation paper and heat press. After creating the design, set up the sublimation printer with the correct setting to get accurate results.

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Step #2 – Placing material in heat press

Once the printing is done successfully, place the created design onto the coated surface where you want to sublimate. Also, must use high-temperature tape to protect from the ghosted result.

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Step #3 – Pressing heat press

Also, use the Teflon sheet to save the sequin from the direct heat and set up the heat press at 400 degrees. Now press the heat press for 1 minute, when the time gets completed. You’ll take off the sublimation paper and you’ve sublimated the reversible sequin pillow cover.

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2. Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mugs

Step #1 – Understanding design

Whatever the material you select for sublimation, the design will be the base of it. First of all, you’ll have to create a design and CANVA can help you in generating such splendid designs.

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Step #2 – Tips about design and printing out the design

Wisely, the design should be according to the sublimation paper. So, it may fit onto the mug to get good results. And use high-temperature thermal tape to keep in place the sublimation paper. And then print the design from a Mug Sublimation Printer.

Note: The tape shouldn’t cover the paper on the printed backside.

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Step #3 – Pressing heat press

It’s time to set up the heat press at 400 degrees and fit the mug into the heat press and press it for 3 minutes. When you see the time has ended, remove the sublimation paper from the mug. It can be hot, you can use gloves as well to remove the accessories.

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3. Coaster


Step #1 – Material design

Coaster is one of the materials used for sublimation. You can use it for different shapes as we have sublimated different shapes such as circular, square, and heart shapes keeping in mind the customers. Again, design should be according to the required shapes and use the dimensions correctly, otherwise, your effort will go in vain.

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Step #2 – Print out the created design

Once you ready the design, you’ll use the printer to print out the created design. When the print gets ready, simply place it in the desired place. And don’t forget to use high-temperature tape to hold the paper safely.

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Step #3 – Setting and pressing heat press

The next step is just to warm up the heat press at 400 degrees and then place the desired material in a heat press. Then press it for 60 seconds and wait for a minute. When the time gets completed, remove the tape and the paper finally.

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4. Glitter HTV

Glitter HTV

Step #1 – Understanding the Glitter HTV

It’s difficult to sublimate all the fabric because of the polyester factor. The 50% cotton and 50% polyester can’t give you better results than you get with 65% polyester. But Glitter helps you to do sublimation on any kind of fabric. Just make a design by using designing software. You can watch the tutorials and you can hire a graphic designer for your business to generate amazing designs.

Step #2 – Printing the design

After finalizing the design, need to print out the design via a sublimation printer. Once you have got the print, place the print onto the material and put it into the heart press for final results.

Step #3 – Transferring the design

Heat up your heat press at 400 degrees and make sure to cover the Glitter HTV with a Teflon sheet. And press it for 1 minute, when the time gets finished. You can remove the transfer paper and the design is ready.

5. Socks


Step #1 – Understanding material

As the socks come in different sizes, you will create the design according to the size and the paper. The pair should be 100% polyester to get the best transfer results.

Step #2 – Importance of design

The design is a demand of this project that makes the craft more beautiful. It should be superb, and meaningful to attract the buyers. Once you’ve made the design, Make sure to have the best print as well through the best sublimation printer. Then place your material covered with printed design and place it onto the heat press.

Step #3 – Finalizing the process

Turn on the heat press at 400 degrees and let it be warmed up. When it gets heated up, press it for 40 seconds with all the safety gears applied. And then remove the paper from the material simply.

6. Keychains and Photo Ornaments

Keychains and Photo Ornaments

Step #1 – Designing importance and creation

When it comes to designing, I personally recommend showing some creativity. Because unique designs can turn on your business with brilliance. So, the design should be according to the buyer’s demand.

Step #2 – Printing

I will suggest using the Sawgrass sublimation printer to have a better color profile. Print your design wisely as your material and heat press permits you.

Step #3 – Preparing material

Just prepare the material and place the print onto the sublimation blank. I’d suggest using the lint roller to clean the surface before the process. Now heat up the heat press at 400 degrees. Cover the paper with a Teflon sheet and stick the paper with tape when going for pressing.

Step #4 – Pressing heat press

Press it for 60 seconds and wait for the best transferring results. Now remove the sheets and tape, your design has been ready. You can put that sublimated design into the keychain.

7. Silly Face Masks

Silly Face Masks

Step #1 – Designing and printing

Simply, take the design that you want to sublimate and print that design through the sublimation printer. Make sure to use the best sublimation paper and the ink as well to have the expected results.

Step #2 Heat press and the final results

Place the material covered with transfer paper in the heat press. Also, make sure that the position of the paper on the material should be according. And at the recommended time after heating up the heat press. All the safety equipment should be applied carefully to avoid ghosting. Just remove the paper and your mask has been sublimated.


What are sublimation projects?

Sublimation projects refer to various creative endeavors that utilize sublimation printing techniques. These projects involve transferring designs onto sublimation blanks, such as mugs, t-shirts, cutting boards, and more, using sublimation ink and heat.

What are some popular sublimation craft ideas?

Some popular sublimation craft ideas include personalized mugs, custom t-shirts, decorative coasters, unique key chains, customized phone cases, and vibrant wall art. These projects allow for creativity and personalization, making them great gifts or even party favors.

How does the sublimation process work?

The sublimation process involves printing designs onto special sublimation transfer paper using an inkjet printer with sublimation ink. The printed design is then heat-pressed onto sublimation blanks, resulting in the sublimation ink transferring from the paper to the item. The heat causes the ink to transform into a gas, permeating the surface of the blank and permanently dyeing the material.

What is the role of heat-resistant tape in sublimation crafting?

Heat-resistant tape is used in sublimation crafting to secure the sublimation transfer paper onto the sublimation blanks before heat pressing. It helps prevent the transfer paper from shifting during the heat transfer process, ensuring accurate and precise printing.

Are there alternative products to sublimation ink for crafts?

While sublimation ink is commonly used for sublimation projects, there are alternative products available, such as infusible ink. Infusible ink is a heat-activated transfer material specifically designed for use with compatible materials and heat sources, providing a similar result to sublimation with a different application process.

How can I ensure high print quality in my sublimation designs?

To achieve high print quality in sublimation designs, ensure that you use high-resolution images or artwork. Optimize printer settings for sublimation printing, follow recommended heat press settings, and select sublimation blanks that are specifically designed for sublimation printing to ensure optimal results.


We have found these 7 sublimation project ideas that are best for every level of business owner whether a beginner or experienced. By commanding on these ideas can lead any beginner to a successful businessman. Because these sublimation crafts have a high-profit margin with some saturation. But it won’t hurt you if you show some uniqueness.

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